DoL or No-DoL?

[Update! Check out 39 Essex St barrister Neil Allen’s guide to ‘Restriction on liberty or deprivation of liberty’, which he’s kindly said I can post here]

I have made a map to help you find  your way through the labyrinth of Court of Protection and Court of Appeal rulings on the meaning of deprivation of liberty.  Actually, you’ll probably just find yourself going around in circles – take a piece of string, and watch out for Minotaurs!  Enjoy – and let me know if you spot any mistakes.  All the hyperlinks should link to the judgments, and the cases in bold are unlawful detentions.  You can download a pdf copy from here, or a powerpoint slide here.

(I know. I need to get a life.)


5 thoughts on “DoL or No-DoL?

  1. this is the coolest thing, when i was doing my AMHP/BIA course i met a BIA who was as geeky as me and we were wanting to do a flow chart that would complete all the relevant info to aide the decision making process…….we never found the time……..and luckily you did.. Thanks very much

  2. Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing it Lucy. I am going to make sure all my social work colleagues and students know about it. Really appreciated. Rachel Hughes.

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