Taking Stock (book your place!)

Every year, Cardiff University and Manchester University, together with Irwin Mitchell and 39 Essex Street, put on a conference called ‘Taking Stock’, which reviews developments under the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act.  I went in 2011, kicked myself for not attending in 2012, but am planning to go this year.  The conference always has a great blend of academics, legal practitioners, usually a judge as well, and guest speakers.  Last year’s speaker was Ruby Wax (who you probably know as a comedian, but who has also experienced depression herself and set up Black Dog Tribe in response).  This year, Professor Elyn Saks will be speaking. Professor Saks is a mental health law academic, but she has also spoken about her own experiences with schizophrenia – most notably in this TED talk.  Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!


One thought on “Taking Stock (book your place!)

  1. Very good of you to remind me of this annual event which I missed last year, but a bit premature to say 'book your place' as the only reference to the 2013 event is in your blog !

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