The Deprivation of Liberty Procedures: Safeguards for Whom? A conference by Cardiff Law School and the Law Society

A National Conference, jointly sponsored by the Cardiff University Centre for Health and Social Care Law and the Law Society’s Mental Health and Disability Committee, will discuss the extent to which the current procedures comply with international human rights standards, and whether they offer adequate protection for the rights of service users and their carers. The Conference will focus on the implications of the ruling of the Supreme Court in P v Cheshire West and Chester Council and P and Q v Surrey Council, as well as the likely impact of the Report of the House of Lords Committee on the Mental Capacity Act.

The Conference will be of especial relevance to everyone interested in or affected by the DoL procedures, be they service users, carers, advocates, health and social care practitioners, lawyers, judges, service providers and policy activists, academics.

Speakers include: Neil Allen, Peter Bartlett, Paul Bowen, Graham Enderby (‘Mr E’ from the Bournewood case), Phil Fennell, Roger Hargreaves, Richard Jones, Sophy Miles, Mark Neary, Paula Scully, Lucy Series and Susan Thompson.

Date and time: 13th June 2014 @ 9:00am

Venue: The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London


A conference flyer with further details can be downloaded from here.


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