A glut of resources on Article 12 CRPD

I’ve been meaning, for some time, to sort out a resources page on Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), because I want pages that I can link to when talking about the CRPD on this blog that I can also regularly update.  So (drum roll)… The main Resources page is a list of sources where you can find out more about the treaty itself, how it has influenced the work of various intergovernmental organisations and case law, and how it has influenced (or been influenced by) reform efforts around the world.  I’ve also included a short subsidiary introduction page for folk who are totally new to Article 12 CRPD.

If you get the 39 Essex St Newsletter, you’ll see that this month they’ve included a special discussion paper on the CRPD.  I contributed a section on the compatibility of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the CRPD (and attempted Scotland), but credit really goes to Anna Arstein-Kerslake, Eilionoir Flynn and Piers Gooding at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUIG Galway.  Those folks really know their CRPD onions!  The discussion paper covers lots of issues, including frequently asked questions, and has some very handy references.

If you’re completely bewildered and wondering what to read first, I would suggest reading something practical and empirical about how supported decision making systems operate in practice.  Three papers I found very useful are the evaluation of a supported decision-making pilot project in South Australia, a report commissioned by the Law Commission of Ontario, and published very recently, about how statutory systems of supported decision making are working in Canada and a paper describing how the Personal Ombudsman scheme operates.

I’m going to try to keep updating these resources, but if you think I’m missing something which should be included on there – please drop me an email.  I decided not to include academic papers though, because not only would that make the task of updating Sisyphean, they are often not freely available.  If you are interested in staying up to date with academic comment on Article 12 CRPD, I find that Google Scholars alert system works very well (my search is for:  “article 12” “legal capacity” convention on the rights of persons with disabilities).


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