Hot off the press!

As you may know, I work at Cardiff Law School’s Centre for Health and Social Care Law with Professor Phil Fennell, Dr Julie Doughty and Professor Luke Clements on a research project about Welfare Cases in the Court of Protection.  The project is funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Over the summer, my colleagues and I worked with three undergraduate law students – Adam Mercer, Abigail Walbridge and Katie Mobbs – on a project looking at local authorities’ use of the Court of Protection.  Adam, Abi and Katie worked incredibly hard and did a great job, and we’re greatful to CUROP and the Centre for Health and Social Care Law for their bursaries.

We wanted to find out how often they were involved in welfare cases in the court, what they were about (in broad terms), how much they cost local authorities and how long they lasted.  If you received a request for information from any of us, thank you very much for your response – in the end we got an 82% response rate, and many local authorities were very generous with their time.  We really appreciate it.

After months of crunching numbers and checking our data and getting comments from our advisory group (thank you advisory group!), and proof reading and proof reading and checking the data again… we’ve finally finished the report.  You can read it on our project website here (which is a short summary for specialists) or here (which is a longer description for people who know less about the Court of Protection).  An article on our findings is also going to be published in the Elder Law Journal.  If you have any questions about the project or our research, please drop us a line!


3 thoughts on “Hot off the press!

  1. Interesting and alarming reading, especially after yesterdays LGO report on Cambridgeshire!
    I wondered whether Cambridge LA were asked to supply information for your study and if so did they
    reply. If they did is it possible to disclose the information they gave?
    Thank you.

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  3. Re Duputyhips

    Lucy, could I recommend that a study is considered into how Deputies feel about the OPG? I am asking the court of protection to discharge my deputyship partly because I feel that the burden of proof is unfairly placed on the deputy by the OPG to prove that they are acting honestly. It has contributed to my stress levels. I am required to provide information to them (I received 5 letters and forms to fill in over 6 weeks) without any obvious purpose except to create work for the OPG staff. There is no concern regarding my probity, but I am constantly on guard to justify my decisions which surely is excessive and unnecessary.

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