Wanted: The public face of the Mental Capacity Act

An advert has been posted on the public appointments website for the chair of the new Mental Capacity Act forum.  They will have responsibilities for:

  • Providing leadership to the National Mental Capacity Forum;
  • Designing the plan of work and focus for the forum in discussion with forum members;
  • Building consensus and ensuring that members from different sectors work together;
  • Bringing the insights of MCA Stakeholders to inform Government understanding of issues to assist in the consideration of future policy;
  • Develop distinct and tangible actions that members of the Forum can take forward to raise awareness and understanding of the MCA
  • Representing the Forum – and the Act more widely – publicly; being the public face of the MCA nationally
  • Helping to identify and disseminate best practice in promoting awareness of the MCA and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • Reporting to the MCA Implementation Group, by attending this Group’s meetings and working closely with officials.

The eligibility criteria are:

Anyone in the categories listed below will not be considered for appointment as Chair of the National Mental Capacity Forum:

  • Employed in the civil service of the state;
  • Candidates who are not resident in the UK.

The Essential Criteria are:

  • An ability to command respect and demonstrate both the independence and authority to establish credibility with Ministers, forum members and key stakeholders from across the mental capacity system and related sectors.
  • A strong track record of working at a very senior level on the national stage, and experience of success in leading, managing and driving communications and continuous improvement across a complex system of overlapping organisations; the demonstrated ability to be the public face of an organisation or body.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, including the ability to bring people from different organisations together to sign up to and deliver a collective vision.
  • Understanding of the diverse and complex needs and backgrounds of members of the public who are likely to be in contact with the wider mental capacity arena.

The desirable criteria are:

  • Knowledge and experience of disability rights

I hope somebody good applies for and gets this job.  I’m a bit alarmed that ‘knowledge and experience of disability rights’ is ‘desirable’ and not ‘essential’ criteria, but hopefully the applicants will be so strong they’ll get somebody with a proven disability rights track record.


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