Bits and bobs

A few bits and bobs in lieu of a real post!

Report on transparency in the Court of Protection

One of the themes in our research on welfare cases in the Court of Protection is ‘transparency’.  Last September we held a roundtable, bringing together people with a wide range of perspectives of transparency, to discuss the issues and the legal framework.  We’ve produced a report which provides a comprehensive (I hope!) overview of the legal framework, and some shortcomings therein, and the discussions of the roundtable.  We make a number of recommendations for further areas of research and issues that may need addressing in future reforms.  You can download the report here.

RightsInfo is Go!

Adam Wagner, of the UK Human Rights Blog, has set up a new website – the Human Rights Information Project.  It’s aim is to bring ‘human rights to life using beautiful infographics, stories and social media’ and tackle the ‘image problem’ of human rights in the media.  It’s absolutely stunning – well done Adam!


4 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. Dr Series, I really must take issue. The Daily Mail seems to think you are a good thing. I think that personally, I could probably cope with being disliked by Dacre’s creatures (I have a T-shirt that says ‘Hated by the Daily Mail’) but I’m not sure how you’re going to manage being endorsed by them!

    • I’m not sure how I’m going to cope either!

      Aarrgh, just read the article. In fact, we point out in the report that Maddocks wasn’t jailed ‘in secret’ – the judgment was placed online long before the Mail picked up on her story! And they’ve missed the bit of the quote where we say that there’s also a need for enhanced protection of privacy. Oh dear.

  2. Actually, apart from the usual disjuncture between screaming headline and actual substance and the interpolation of a couple of stories about spiky and misguided people who’ve been in contempt of the Court the Mail has put up for canonisation, that I don’t recall the report you and the team produced mentioning at all, you’re not directly misrepresented. Unfortunately, the whole goes to advance the Mail’s ‘sinister secret court’ / social workers are hiding under your beds agenda.

  3. Hello. A comment on the dog’s brunch of Tory proposals about the Human Rights Act and implications for the rights of the vulnerable would be appreciated at this point. I’d managed to steady myself by considering that they were artfully allowing it to seem this was a more radical measure than it seemed they were actually committing themselves to but now Michael Gove is in charge I think all bets are off.

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