Awesome conference!

Get your diaries out and pencil in 30th September for an amazing conference (I’m not saying that because I’m speaking at it, I’m saying it because I’ve just seen who else is speaking at it!).  I’m very lazy, so I’ll just copy this from Alex Ruck Keene’s blog:

I am really delighted to be able to announce details of a major conference on deprivation of liberty on 30 September to be held in London.    Put together in conjunction between the Department of Law at Queen Mary University of London, the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law, 39 Essex Chambers, theInstitute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience and the ReValuing Care Research Network, we will in this conference examine the problems that confront health and social care practitioners and service users as a result of the current legal framework and evaluate alternative frameworks for authorising deprivation of liberty based on the experience of other jurisdictions to assist the process of legislative reform in England and Wales.

The stellar array of speakers/workshop facilitators include:

  • Colin Harper – Deputy Director of the Law Centre in Northern Ireland
  • Chris Danbury – Honorary Secretary of the Intensive Care Society
  • Eilionoir Flynn – Senior Lecturer, NUI Galway
  • Jill Stavert – Reader, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Laura Dunlop QC – Barrister and former Law Commissioner, Scottish Law Commission
  • Lucy Series – Researcher, Cardiff University
  • Neil Allen – Barrister and Lecturer, University of Manchester
  • Peter Bartlett – Professor, University of Nottingham
  • Richard Ashcroft, Professor, Queen Mary University of London
  • Sara Ryan – Senior Research Lead, University of Oxford, and #JusticeforLB
  • Sheila Wildeman – Associate Professor, Dalhousie University
  • Tim Spencer-Lane – Lawyer at the Law Commission of England and Wales responsible for the project to reform the law relating to deprivation of liberty
  • Walter Boente – Centre of Comparative, European and International Law

(and [Alex Ruck Keene], whether or not that is considered stellar [it is]).

Registration details will be available soon. For further information in the interim please contact Daniel Wei L Wang(

4 thoughts on “Awesome conference!

    • 😦 Is there any way we can keep you in this hemisphere? You should talk to Alex about whether it’s possible to record them and put them online, then lots of people can see them!

      • I wish. But oh well, such is life!

        I’ll ask Alex. Even an audio recording would be of value.

  1. How about transcripts? Loads of people too far away and disabled people can’t travel easily or at all or sit for long = it hurts too much and way too exhausting, can never do more than an hour or two. And people with no money but access to internet can then enjoy/use/learn. My brain injury means reading is easier than understanding speech and then already done for people with hearing problems. Transcripts possible?

    I’d like to know what ‘public order’ (deprivation of liberty to ‘keep the peace’) means and how it (the rules) change depending on who and where you are, who decides and based on what info. I bet the laws are WAY out of date/old?

    Whose definition of what peace actually is? Sounds all too much like control by those who can on those who can’t, ever. But what do I know.

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