So if not blogging, then what have I been up to…?

I’ve been a terrible blogger, really, since having a baby. She’s a bouncing four year old now (literally: we bought her a space hopper from the supermarket and she’s spent the lockdown bouncing around crushing anything in her path). But between frantically scrambling to fit my work into the hours that childcare allows, and trying to keep us fed, dressed and reasonably clean, there’s not a lot of time left for anything except sleep…  I guess at least I don’t have an intercity commute since the lockdown, but I did enjoy relative the peace and quiet of the trains…

But in case you were wondering what I have been doing, I’ve finally uploaded various chapters and articles onto my institutional repository where you can read them for free! I know! Thank you Wellcome for your generous support of my research in general and open access fees in particular.

So if you came to this page hoping to read about the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, there’s a chapter here providing some general background on disability and human rights. This is intended to be an introductory chapter to the subject, and it has been published in the second edition of the Routledge Handbook of Disability Studies.  If you want a more in depth look at issues around Article 12 of the UN CRPD, the right to equal recognition before the law, then there’s this quite lengthy review article I wrote for this brilliant (but horribly pricey…) edited volume on the CRPD, published by the OUP.  You don’t have to pay to read this chapter though, thanks to Wellcome paying the open access fee (but if you are rich, or have access to a library that has any money left, you should try to get a copy as the other chapters are very interesting and useful).

If your bag is the deprivation of liberty safeguards (and we are a pretty niche club), then I’ve written this chapter unpicking the Supreme Court’s Cheshire West judgment, which will soon be published in this brilliant edited collection on the Legacies of Institutionalisation (Hart, out in July).  If you love super-technical stuff, then here’s an article I’ve written on the successor scheme for the DoLS, the Liberty Protection Safeguards (soon to be published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law). There is also a shorter and embarrassingly typo-strewn article I wrote about the 2018 amendments to the MCA for the Australian Elder Law Review.

I also co-wrote a paper for the Journal of Law and Society with my colleague John Harrington and Alex Ruck Keene considering the Court of Protection and its judgments through the lens of rhetorical analysis. (If you want to hear more about rhetorical analysis of judgments, I really recommend John’s book; it’s a dense and interesting as that sounds.)

I am currently working on a manuscript of a much longer book exploring the historical and global context, and wider ramifications, of the Cheshire West judgment. This will (eventually) be published with the Bristol University Press.  As that takes shape I might try to publish some ‘offcuts’ from the manuscript here.  And in the distant future after that, there’s a planned book on the history of the Mental Capacity Act more generally, and its problems of empowerment.  Both of those will, eventually, be available in open access form. I’ll upload them here when they are.

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